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Guns In The House Trailer from Amanda Edwards on Vimeo.

After travelling on a trek across the states in 2013 for two months, one of the most prevalent cultural aspects for me was the ownership and prevalence of guns.  This sparked curiosity and fascination as UK gun laws are very different.

This is a critical and controversial issue. I decided to shoot an interview-based film about the local community’s varying opinions with respect to morals, human rights, and cultural issues.

The topic of gun ownership is a current and mercurial debate which I believe will reach a wide audience. And as a person from a different country, my perspective is fresh and open-minded.

Why Wilmington and NC?


Wilmington is home to innovative Students, Boomtown singles and city start ups.


For one, Wilmington is home to Cucalorus Film Festival and it’s creative residency; a thriving creative town full of inspirational individuals. Each person will give you a different perception of the city. I was lucky enough to be invited to live on the Cucalorus compound as a creative resident, and in three months I produced, directed and co-shot this short documentary.

One of my aims was to explore the truth behind the stereotyping that is held over southern states of America in terms of pro-gun residents. I want my film to spark debate and discussion with its audience.

Guns In The House premièred at the 20th annual Cucalorus Film Festival in November 2014, it was rated at No.4 out of 140 shorts on the festival must-see list.
GITH also won 2nd place against 8 other shorts from an audience vote at CineMe in Bristol, UK.




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