Mr. Joeby


My film project for 2017: Mr. Joeby

A short documentary about an airbrush artist.

Steve Slight is a hidden gem of Wells. He has lived here all his life. Married and father of two, Steve holds many strings to his bow, including stone-masonry, traditional sign-painting, and is a ‘whiz with a sewing machine’.
He surfs most weekends, having had a life-long adoration of surfing.

Monday 9th October 2017
Not long to go now! Exactly one month till we premiere Mr. Joeby in Wilmington NC at Cucalorus 23rd Annual Festival! We are in the Global Shorts block – check out this link for who we’re nuzzled in with!!


Monday 21st August 2017
I am overjoyed to announce that ‘Mr. Joeby’ will be having it’s World Premiere screening at the 23rd Annual Cucalorus Film Festival, in Wilmington North Carolina.
The festival runs from Nov 8-12 2017.
Cucalorus Website

Mr.Joeby Film Poster2web




-DAY 1-


-DAY 2-


-DAY 3-

-DAY 4-




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