An Independant Filmmaker. Graduated in 2011, trekked across America in 2013, and lived in North Carolina for four months on and off in 2014.

I was invited to live in the Pink House as a creative resident at Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington. This was a massive growing experience for me as a filmmaker. I met many inspirational and super creative characters, all with an insatiable thirst for new projects and multiple platforms of expression.

Documentary has always been my love, observing cultures from different backgrounds, to find that diamond in the rough story. I ask big bold questions to satisfy my own curiosity and challenge stereotypes.

Guns In The House was my début film. I shot this in 8 weeks alongside Kenny Martell, the cinematographer and cameraman. I tend to work with skeleton crews and prefer production in short spaces of time.

Write To Kill was completed this year, a snapshot documentary about Gina Tron, a suspected school-shooter in Vermont after the columbine massacre.

Before this, my student film was Our Dad’s Shed; another short doc about my father’s career and an insight to his craft.

I also made a music video in my final year called Alice and the Wonder Garden a quirky re-imagining of the classic tale, set to music by Achilles from Bournemouth, UK. This was shown at the Stratford-Upon-Avon Fringe Festival in 2012.

I am currently in pre-production for a new documentary, following two transitioning transgenders from the UK.

My new projects include a doc following Frank, an 18-year old transitioning transgender. Another doc in development, is a focus on immigrants in the UK. My third film in production is The Leathermen, following the events of modern day leather appreciation, as well as exploring the history behind the leather fanclub. (BLUF)






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