Just got back from the really warm and homey screening event of CineMe! There were 8 films that played, first off – The life and danger of Tommy Chaos and Stacy Danger, this was a cute and low-budget animation which for me was likeable but lacked in storyline and the actors were quite poor.
The second was A Monster and Me, which had a promising storyline, but had a couple of plot holes and didn’t really go anywhere in 13 mins, also didn’t favour the actors and the sound levels were all over the place! The cinematography and animations were very good though.
The third was Lilly (A Lover’s Dream) a music video using green screen and after effects to generate a 3D environment! Good track and interesting concept, quite liked this one!

The Stomach is one of my top three favourite shorts from last year hands down, a creepy horror/thriller with real grit and outstanding performances! It was SO SO good to finally meet Ben Steiner- the director of the film, who is now a Bristol local I was pleased to discover! They gave a very entertaining Q&A and were very approachable and likeable guys, already giving me insights on other screening opportunities available in Bristol!

After the break, they played three more shorts: Chocolate Heart, which I also watched while programming Cucalorus last year! A hilarious and quirky love story.

Then they played a local music video by James Sampson called Periscopes by Haiku Salut which consisted of stunning slow-mo visuals of children played with coloured paint, with a rainstorm at the end. Very cute and beautiful cinematography. Great track too! Must check out the band, as they are close friends with Kayla Painter who composed the soundtrack for my film! Small world! This I think was my favourite film of the night, you can watch it at the top of this post!

And then Allen vs. Predator by Shunk Films (they had a great ident!) which was also very funny and very reminiscent of Edgar Wright. Filmmakers also acted in the short which I applaud if done well!

Finally the pulsing single key of GITH fades in, and I’m right back in the US again! The beginning of my film always gets my heart pining for Wilmington, the bright and sunny streets, the warm sunsets, and of course all my friends and ‘family’. My dream mirror-image lifestyle. Watching the film back, after not having watched it since November, again was good for me to see with fresh eyes. I find watching it with an audience is always good for me and allows me to view it as an audience member. I can be more critical of whats onscreen and ‘see it for what it is’ rather than scrobbling over it thousands of times on a screen at my desk. After tonight, I still feel that it’s a messy edit, and I still felt my fingers wanting to tweak and pull bits out and replace other bits. My dad made a wise comment about being on a tight time constraint, which is why I may feel that it could have been done better.

My Q&A was what I was most worried about, I’ve never been comfortable in front of a crowd (as im sure most people aren’t!) however I feel I have learned to calm myself when in this situation. I always fret ill be faced with a question I haven’t thought about in enough depth and make a fool of myself, but tonight I dodged the bullet once again (figuratively speaking!) My questions were half hosted by James, and then opened up to the audience. We covered what my original concept was and how it came into fruition, whether producing the film had altered my perception and opinion of guns, the demographics of race and social status affecting people’s perceptions on crime in the city (a new one from a geography student! Great question!)
Also covered the behind-closed-doors politics of certain participants/organisations and what had changed while I had been gone over the summer, which ultimately led on to whether I had a bigger ‘in five years time’ recap/follow-up project in thought. Also had a film suggestion given to me which I hadn’t heard of before – The Interrupter’s set in Chicago.

Tonight was the first time my parents had seen my film also, which was another personal milestone for me, and they responded very seriously and backed up their accolades with valid points and specific parts of the film which was comforting. I am also so grateful to my dear friends that attended, and want to take this opportunity to thank them:
Luke Stuart who composed the beautiful piano score, always there to support me creatively whether I’m at home or not.
Jason who I hope to work more closely with in the future on my new documentary project! A great chap to sit next to and giggle with while scoring the films!
My dear friend Sarah who travelled all the way from Bath to attend the event just to see my film, always a positive and endearing lady who believes in me and is also another indie filmmaker in the same boat!
And my work colleague Sam, who I wish I spent more time with outside of work, I was so glad to see him there! All in all a small group that I knew but on reflection humbled me that I am extremely lucky to have such a large group of creative friends to support me and collaborate with! Including new friends from tonight, James Sampson and Ben Steiner.

I am on cloud 9 this evening and am so happy for this opportunity. Thank you James Ewen and thank you CineMe for hosting GITH for its first UK screening! Couldn’t have asked for a better one.


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